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The most sensuous or interesting names for fabrics and trims you can think of... like like like I don't know its not really my world, but... silk gazar, silk organza, guipure lace...
Does anyone know a source for gold lamé ?
not tissue lamé , and not that fused dot stuff that passes for it nowadays; but real, old-style, woven lamé .
None of my usual sources seem to have it, but it must be out there somewhere, mustn't it?
Price is not really an object for this particular project, and we have a couple of months, so I can order from afar.

Hoping one of you will have a lead!

thanks :)
Hi all --

I'm in search of SMALL 4-part snaps. No bigger than 1/4". I can't seem to find anything smaller than 3/8" (size 14).

Manhattan Wardrobe doesn't have them, Snapsource doesn't have them, Sewtrue doesn't have them.

Any suggestions?

Will buckram remain stiff after being dry cleaned? I am being creative to solve a problem. I probably need horse hair interfacing but finding that in this city is near impossible.


X-posted because I need a quick answer
I am about to graduate undergrad for Theatrical Costume Design,
I am not looking to go to grad school for a few years but I was wondering if anyone knew of any good grad schools for costume design. I know I want to go into a larger program that is pretty focused, but also will allow me to take construction and crafts classes as well.
Also if you are in grad school, what do you like about your program? What do you dislike?
Thank you so much for any comments!
Has anyone successfully dyed dance tights?
Or does anyone know of a good source for dance tights in lots of colors?
I'm doing Once Upon A Mattress...
Boston based performance group, Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band, is recruiting talented artists and craftspeople to work on costuming for our upcoming spring production. Through our signature madcap blend of live music, theater & circus arts we're creating a land of gears and grime. In our post-apocalyptic world, absurdity is the weapon of a misfit resistance struggling against the conformist forces of a despotic ruler.

if you (or your wildly creative friends!) have any interest in assisting with the design, creation or construction of costumes for this project, please get in touch with us. we'll be organizing meetings soon, so now's the time to get involved! this will be a great creative outlet for your work, and a chance to be a part of an unique event.

we are still interviewing for a lead costume designer, so please let us know if you're interested in that. However, at this juncture for all other participants, we have no time/commitment requirements beyond that which you are able to volunteer. if you have loads of time to sew, great! if you simply want to help with sketches and brainstorming, great! if you only have time to put buttons on a shirt, great! if you can help by donating bits and pieces, great! we'll make use of whatever you're willing to give. we will cover the costs of materials, and plan to distribute an honorarium from the show's profits based upon significant participation in the production.

feel free to get in touch with any questions!
Is it still called an eyelet if it's just a hand-bound hole, with no metal eyelet/grommet in it, or does it have some other name that I can't think of?

like this:

Hi all!

My camera has finally bit the dust, and so I'm looking for a new one.

I have this suspicion that what I really ought to do is have an ordinary digital point-and-shoot for my everyday life and taking pictures of my toddler son, and then a fancier SLR for documenting my work... but right now I don't have the $$ for that. So I'm after a pocket digital that will take decent low-light shots.

Anyone out there have a digital that they like for shooting in the theatre?