I hope this is allowed. I may x post to other locations but I hate to be the one crowding the friends pages.

Anyway...I wanted to plug my show a bit. I'm a costume/perform for Victorian Theatre by Candlelight. we do interactive theatre at the President Banjamin Harrison home. For our fall show we're revisiting Ghost tales. In past year we focus on the white house, and civil war tales. this year Is focused on Indiana.

You will be led through the lovely Victorian home by by Guides and ghouls who will tell you tales. I believe there are group rates. Excellent for dressing up and having a night at the theatre.

Every other year we do a new intallment of Ghost tales. So last year we did Cold blooded at cold springs. another interative about the first woman to be tried for murder in Indiana. The delightful murderess played by the always fabulous Donna Wing. Both plays written by by the Talented Mr. Troffeter

All the dresses are my work.

I'm particularly proud of this one. However the photos aren't the best. I am also taking commissions if anyone is interested.