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Is it still called an eyelet if it's just a hand-bound hole, with no metal eyelet/grommet in it, or does it have some other name that I can't think of?

like this:

Hi all!

My camera has finally bit the dust, and so I'm looking for a new one.

I have this suspicion that what I really ought to do is have an ordinary digital point-and-shoot for my everyday life and taking pictures of my toddler son, and then a fancier SLR for documenting my work... but right now I don't have the $$ for that. So I'm after a pocket digital that will take decent low-light shots.

Anyone out there have a digital that they like for shooting in the theatre?

In the lifetime of a working theatrical costume designer, would there or could there be certain typical/standard shows you would do? Or maybe, certain shows that look really great on a resume, or are expected to be there?

Anyone want to tell me about a show they did that was a challenge that was lots of fun? and maybe something about why?

(and pix are sooooo welcome)

thanks again guys!!!!
Costumers, who are your idols, your mentors, your role models, whose costume work do you love, emulate, or find inspirational... where do you go when you are trying to come up with ideas? what do you wear when you are working? what do you listen to?
I present you with a dilemma.

I am doing Cabaret and having a hell of a time with the Emcee's breakaway tux pants. I split them down the outer seams, and put snap tape in. Not heavy duty stuff, just nice normal cheap snap tape. And no matter what, every night when the boys pull his pants off they split down the INNER seams. Last night, I only snapped FOUR snaps -- one near the top, one at the bottom, and two near the middle to keep it from gapping -- and still!!

It's not tearing the pants, it's literally splitting at the entire inseam - as if I had just basted it. Every night I sew it back up, and the next night the same thing happens. Which is no big deal, since he only wears them for the opening 2 minutes, but I have this fear that one night they actually will tear.

So here's what I have thought of as options:

1) suck it up and just baste them up every night, and hope they last the 5 remaining performances.

2) get a pair of heavy wool tux pants rather than the lightweight poly blend we're using, and hope that those hold up better.

3) redo the whole shebang using magnets instead of snaps (hardware store?)

4) some other brilliant plan that you come up with.

hey all!

Anyone have any knowledge of the general shape of a nun's veil? The black bit that drapes over the head (white in novices) -- not the tightfitting coif/wimple part.

I'm guessing that it's a large half-circle type shape, but I'm really not sure.....

ETA: like this.
Hi all!

I'm working on a production of Cabaret, and I've got pretty much everything under control except for Sally's "home" wardrobe and the ladies at the engagement party (Tomorrow Belongs To Me).

I've tried the One Hour Dress, a vintage method of dressmaking. It's quite cool, and I in fact did make the dress in one hour, but I'm not wild about how it looks on me... (I don't actually get to see my cast until tech week, long story...) So I'd like some other options.

Anyone know of any 1920s dress patterns out there? All help appreciated!

(Also ISO seven German army helmets, cheap...)
I'm trying to remember what those neck pieces women wore... in the 40s? made of whole minks where one bit onto the butt of the next and so on around a lady's shoulders... not mink stoles... that is something different, where the animals are all cut and sewn together... anyone?
I'm posting this to communities that I think might find it of interest...

apparently http://www.eyeslipsface.com/ has been bought by another company, and so all of their branded merch is on sale for $1 - this includes brushes, eyelashes, makeup, all sorts of things.

EDIT: If you put in the code CAROLINA, you will get an additional 50% off your first $25 - so, $12.50 off.

I'm going to go stock up on brushes and supplies!
I need to dye a gold fabric gray. The fabric is a rayon/cotton blend. What color dye would I use? I plan to order through Dharma Trading Co. unless someone suggests otherwise.